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Artificial Intelligence is the talk of the day, especially in times of staying at home, where online businesses are thriving. So how exactly is AI being used on online platforms, for sales, for marketing, for customer support? And how do content developers and traders use AI? How does AI function as an author? What does this development mean for traditional writing publishing and film making, for instance? Find out from international experts and get different perspectives.

Audiobooks have seen tremendous growth during the Pandemic. What are the main reasons for this? How can this growth be sustained? What are the reasons for the increase of sales of Audiobooks in the first place – in the west? What are new trends in Audiobook production, sales and distribution and how did streaming technology change the traditional ways? What is the situation in Asia Pacific? What kind of new services, like Blinkist, could be interesting for our markets? How could more growth be created in our part of the world?

The popularity and recognition of esports first took place in Asia, specifically in East Asia and has gained tremendous popularity all over Asia Pacific, and spread to Europe and the Americas as well. Where is the differentiation line between esports and games? What makes esports so fascinating, is it the competitive element? Are the business models the same as in the game industry? What are new monetization strategies? How did esports fare during the pandemic? How does cooperation within Asia Pacific and the West look like? What is the future of esports?

Accessibility is hugely important for educated societies, and for fostering research and maintaining a democratic system. Here we will be focusing on the accessibility of content to all of society to ensure personal and (inter) national growth.  How can we make a social impact in publishing and other IP areas? How can we balance a focus on business and social impact? What do we need to take into consideration? How is Asia Pacific tackling this issue?

Blockchain technology which was invented by a person (or group of people) using the name Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008 to serve as the public transaction ledger of the cryptocurrency bitcoin, has become a commonly used technology. How is blockchain technology being used in the publishing and creative industries? How is IP protection effected? What investments are necessary?

YOUTUBE – one platform for all? Virtual Youtubers-Vtubers, Youtubers, vloggers – how do they operate? What are the business models? Which other platforms are they using? What does it mean for society, for cultural development? What is trending and what is the next big thing? Find out here!

Remember Napster, probably the first digital audio files sharing service which had to close down many services because of copyright infringements? It changed the whole music industry – and we have heard in many seminars about the lessons to be learnt for other industries. The hundreds of streaming services around face new challenges – what are they? What can we learn from the latest developments in this industry and from music streaming? What are the revenue streams, what are the latest business models? What are new models of cooperation with the publishing and other content industries? What is the future of CDs?

The percentages of films based on books can be up to  55% of all films (2015). And there is a trend to have more films which are based on books. What are the advantages of having books as the base? Stories can be told through to many different channels. How are the ever-popular TV series being shaped, esp. the ones on OTT platforms like Netflix? How is the OTT industry faring? How does the film industry source its content? How can publishers get their content to the film producers? Get fresh ideas and approaches.